MU-610 Radial multiswitch


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4 polarities and TV with 16 outputs.DiSEqC 2.0, return path
Multiswitches for 4 polarities and terrestrial TV with 4, 8 or 16 outputs, for star-shaped installations. The tap outputs are amplified on the IF satellite band. Must be powered from each individual receiver to feed the switching and amplification of each tap output. To feed the LNBs, the FU-612 power supply unit is used.

Individual or SMATV installations, up to 16 TV outlets. Starshaped distribution from the multiswitch, with a single coaxial cable to each TV outlet. The multiswitch distributes a satellite polarity together with the terrestrial TV for each output. The polarity is selected from the individual receiver by means of the LNB control signals.

Return path included from 5 to 65 MHz. Shielded zamak chassis with plastic supports. F type connectors. Two power supply jacks, 9.5mm x 2.1mm. Distances of more than 75 m between multiswitch and outlet.


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