CHC-129 Multi-room system


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MODEL CHC-129   
CODE 9400047

The Multi-room Post is one of the main element of the ALCAD NURSE CALL system. It has been designed to connect and manage the different call and signaling existing in the room, such as push buttons, pulling cords, lights, etc.) but unlike the CHC-xxx, without voice communication with the control post. CHC-120 counts 16 inputs and 16 outputs in order to manage and control the different devices up to a maximum of 8 rooms or boxes.

Designed to be at the patient’s disposal and send the information needed to communicate the different events that occur in the room to the control stations, as well as to wireless terminals of the nursing staff (DECT or WIFI phones). Room Terminal also has the possibility to connect wireless sensors and RFID readers to manage the identification and control of nursing staff in the room and in the system. 

DIN rail mounting. Specially desinged for using in common bathrooms and in boxes where audio communication is not required.


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