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CA-720 Central Tv SAT


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TV-SAT Broadband head-end amplifier with several inputs. They independently amplify the terrestrial TV and satellite IF bands, distribute both bands through the output. It has a voltage switch and 22 KHz tone in order to select the polarity of an individual LNB. The built-in power supply unit can feed up to five preamplifiers and a LNB automatically.

Designed for medium to large analogue and digital SMATV installations. Used as a single piece of equipment to treat all terrestrial and satellite TV signals, greatly simplifying the installation. Adjusted by means of a gain controller and a variable slope control for SAT.

Made from zamak and galvanised plate for maximum shielding. Separate housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency circuit. F-type connectors, located on the lower part to make installation easier.


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