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DSTV NIGERIA: DSTV Packages, DSTV Self-Service and More

DSTV NIGERIA: DSTV Packages, DSTV Self-Service and More…

DStv Nigeria is indeed one of the major providers of satellite solutions in the country. Millions of people all over Africa ( 11.9 million as recorded by Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia) have opted for the services of the South African company to fit their growing demands for entertainment and of course, information dissemination.


From corporate bodies to households, the demand is growing rapidly. In fact, I have seen a company go in as far as striking a deal with one of the Distributors of DStv Nigeria to supply satellite dishes and satellite decoders for its staff who might be interested in purchasing one.

This way, they were to pay on installments. This scenario (especially a staff who already have one other decoder opting to buy a DStv decoder) show that DStv Nigeria has great DStv packages and probably, DStv Self-service options. This to a great extent, explains the reason behind the tremendous growth DStv Satellite have experienced in Nigeria and indeed, Africa, since its launch in 1995.


  • DStv Nigeria: DStv self-service, DStv Packages

However, after some diligent research, I discovered that there are quite a number of questions that people are asking daily pertaining to DStv Nigeria. Yet, only a few publishers are actually providing helpful answers to those questions. For example, in fact, what actually necessitated this post, between 100 thousand to 1 million people are trying to get DStv self-service numbers whilst another 10 thousand to 100 thousand people search for “DStv guide”, every month. The buzz is really so high with a low competition intrusion to proffering answers to those queries.


In this post, we are set to provide you with everything you need to know about the DStv Nigeria Self-service options and DStv Packages so you can make an informed decision when choosing your bouquet. And also, know what to expect for every bouquet you opt for. So, let’s dive in!



DSTV packages cover your interests from football games to family-friendly viewing and kiddies entertainment. So, in a nutshell, the following DSTV packages apply for DStv Nigeria: DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family, DStv Access, DStv FTA Plus


  • DStv Premium
    DStv Nigeria: DStv Premium

The DStv Premium prides itself on offering the widest onscreen entertainment in Africa. With this DStv Package, you get to have access to 100 television channels and 30CDS-audio channels on the menu. You also have access to all the live sports coverage, top documentaries, news, non-stop movies, and kids programming. It costs N15,800 to subscribe to.


  • DStv Compact Plus
    DStv Nigeria: Compact Plus

Here, you have access to 177 DStv channels. You will get to watch all the local movies, football and so much more. You can read more here It costs N10,650 to subscribe to.


  • DSTV Compact
    DSTV NIGERIA: DStv Compact

This DStv package gives you access t0 variety of programmes and hours. With DStv Compact, you’ll enjoy everything the local football world has to offer plus loads of local and kids’ entertainment. Click the link to find out more about this DStv package: It costs N6,800 to subscribe.


  • DStv Family
    DStv Nigeria: DStv Family

DStv Family offers a range of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. The DStv offers a selection of channels including Universal channel Sony Max Africa, Magic Movies and more. This will be your best option if you are looking for a package that can be handy enough during your family bonding time. There are over 60 channels to choose from. Click the link to find out more about this DStv package. It costs N4000 to subscribe to.


  • 5. DStv Access
    DSTV Nigeria: DStv Access

DSTV Access is the introductory package to the DSTV family. With this DStv package, you have access to 95 channels. Click the link to find out more about this DStv package. It costs N2000 to subscribe to.


  • DStv FTA Plus
    DStv Nigeria: Dstv FTA Plus

With this DSTV package, you get access to 6 channels only. Click the link to find out more about this DStv package. It costs N1,600 to subscribe to.




Well, the above listed DStv packages are all there are at the moments (at least, according to the DStv official website). However, the offer didn’t end there as there are two other packages – or rather- package add-ons. We shall look at them in a bit. Shall we?


    DStv Nigeria: so much more


Apart from the major packages like the ones below, below are the available package add-ons for DStv packages (as long as the DSTV Nigeria is concerned):


  • DStv Indian

DStv Indian offers a diverse and comprehensive selection of Indian prime entertainment to suit the preference of any viewer. To upgrade, you get to subscribe with N5400.


  • Great Wall Africa Bouquet

Great Wall Bouquet is a collection of Chinese content channels ranging from general entertainment to documentaries lifestyle and news channels. To upgrade with this add-on, you get to pay N1250.



DStv Self-service

Now, about the DStv self-service, let’s briefly look at some of the ways you can easily reach out to DStv Nigeria. We all understand that no matter how detailed instruction may appear to be, once in while we fall into a glitch and unless someone does something about that, we are just as good as helpless.


That is where speaking with someone who can help out, comes in handy. It could be talking to a customer representative or simply consulting a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The relief we get from these media cannot be overemphasized.


Yet, finding how to get to these media can sometimes send some spinning sensation in the head. You are probably reading this because you are trying to get the DStv self-service numbers, right? Well, that is how they all started. So, below are some of the DStv self-service contact details we can find:


  • To Fix Common Errors
    When you encountered some common errors while trying to subscribe to a DStv channel or pretty much any other error, you can possibly find the solution by logging into the FIX ERRORS address and inputting the error code that was shown to you on the screen.

NB: Please remember to make sure that your Smartcard is inserted and your decoder is powered on when fixing errors.

  • My Account
    To view your count and make changes such as changing your DStv packages, log in through the MY ACCOUNT address and take your preferred actions.
  •  FAQ
    Sometimes, the code you are trying to crack could have been resolved long ago by the DStv Nigeria. All you need to do is go to the Frequently Asked Questions section of their websites and be wowed at the ease with which you can resolve the issue. Queries like a change of decoder ownership, payments issues, troubleshooting, etc., are answered here.


  • Toll-Free Numbers
    Alright, I know this is what you are anxiously waiting to see. You can actually find DStv self-service toll-free numbers by clicking here. But, hey why even click in the first place? Below is all you will get, enough to get you going:

For easy and free access, these toll-free lines on the networks of four Nigerian mobile telephone providers are now available for our subscribers:

Etisalat: 0909 063 0333
Airtel: 0708 063 0333
MTN: 0814 986 0333
GLO: 0811 363 0333

NB: Subscribers should note that calls will be free when they are made with the same network numbers.




Finally, in just one swoop, you have read about the available DStv channels so you can make an informed decision and you have now a fair knowledge on how to contact DStv Nigeria using the DStv self-service options.

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