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Buying Substandard Products – The Truth You Never Knew About.

The Truth About Buying Substandard Products You Never Knew About.


substard risk - G-lynx Nig
substard risk – G-lynx Nig

Counterfeit and corruption are two bedfellows that have constantly plagued developing countries so deep that redemption is nowhere in sight. SON is on a serious mission to curtail that.


Notwithstanding Government’s penalty on substandard product dealers and the product itself, the widespread have gone on unabated. This is quite understandable considering the fact that most consumers within this geographics have financial constraints.

As such, they tend to settle for less priced products over quality. In other words, price not quality is the sole determinant of their buying decisions.



You may be wondering why would any reputable company stoop so low to produce substandard products. Or why would any company want to go through the risk knowing their brand reputation could be at stake?

Well, your guess is as good as mine. While few companies go on produce low-quality products to augment the high-quality ones which are generally expensive, to serve a segment of their audiences, some of these substandard products are actually imitated by other fake factories.


In other words, some faceless factories exist with the purpose of picking high-in-demand products and mimicking them. Ultimately, they produce a low-quality semblance of the products and release to the market at incredibly low prices.


We have seen this happen over and over again with our products. That is why, here at G-lynx, we have consciously adopted the slogan, “always insist on the original”. We believe that buying substandard products is an expensive luxury (and you will soon find out why?).




Whilst there could be dozens of reasons that people embark on producing fake products, we are, however, not going to discuss them one after the other.

We are instead, going to be looking at the underlying reason: GREED! Greed is the inordinate, self-centered desire to get something even at the detriment of others.

The desire to make money fast, have driven many to join the fake producers’ gang. People are impatient and have no concerns for the process, always looking for an easier and quicker way out.

As such, they are given in to may vices of which mimicking productions is one.

Again, consumers too show greed when they want to get the best at an unreasonably low price. As a result, they fall victims. So, greed is the root cause of the spread of substandard goods.



Quite many reasons!

Financial Constraints
In the developing world, most people are either poor or in the middle class. But, they must all meet the same needs most of the time. As a result, the more financially fit class consider quality while the rest would rather go with price. Here, you discover one product serving two different categories of people in terms of financial status.


Poor Orientation
In most cases, people who spend their hard-earned money buying fake products, do so in ignorance. They have no idea about the quality state of the products. They sometimes, end up paying so much for a low-priced product.


Manipulation Of Middlemen
In a case where a property owner contracts people to manage, service or repair their assets, the contractor deploys fake replacement parts even after receiving funds for original parts.

Take, for instance, a hotel contracting installers to install Amplifiers pays for original Alcad installer. The installer, however, goes ahead to buy fake Alcad products. The problem is that these fake products most of the time look exactly like the original one so much that you may not be able to distinguish them.

Worse still, the property owner may not have the know-how to tell between the fake and original amplifiers.


Ignorance Of The Availability Of Original Products
Sometimes, people do not actually know that these products exist. Or maybe where they can buy them. As a result, they just keep buying the substandard consciously.




Now, this is where the fuss of the matter lies. Regardless of your reasons, do you think to buy fake products worth your try? You can keep your answer while we try to dissect this question systematically.

So, should you buy fake products:

Cost reduction,
One of the major reasons that people buy fake products is to reduce the cost. For instance, if original acad AI-200 is 8,000 while the fake sells at 5000. However, you may have to replace the fake one three to four times before replacing the original one for just once. This means that you could be losing money from changing amplifiers.

So, by all means, fake products are never cheaper!

Sometimes, people just buy what they can find in the market. That doesn’t mean the other ones don’t exist. Few researches could help get the original ones that meet the expectation.


Another reason that people buy fake products is the inability to identify which is fake or which is not. In this case, you ought to get a trusted installer/Engineer to crosscheck before you buy.


Outsourcing Misappropriation
In the case of outsourcing installations to contractors, there is the need to have a quality control checked by a trusted internal/external professionals. This help minimize loss due to buying substandard products






Having considered all of the above, it is important to always insist on the original each time you make purchases especially electronic products notwithstanding your financial capacity. One way to be sure you are being sold the original is to always ask for a warranty.


If the product is genuine, the seller will have no qualms allowing for warranties. Here at G-lynx Nig. Ltd, we always give a one-year warranty for all our products. This shows we are confident of the quality of the items we sell to our clients.


Never settle for poor-quality products as they tend to get you to spend more in the long run while at the same time putting you at risk. We have seen a whole building go down because of a malfunction of one small component of its electrical and electronic settings. By all means, always insist on the original.

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